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We are PC Experts.
Trained and honed with years of experience and industry best practices. We work hard to deliver the best results, at the swiftest time period with the most affordable cost.
We fix laptop & computer problems such as:
  • PC unable to start up (not powering on)
  • Corrupted Harddisk (unable to open files)
  • PC Crash
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • PC overheating
  • Noisy PC
  • Spoiled USB portPC keeps disconnecting from WiFi
  • PC Fans not working
  • Keyboard not working properly
  • Drivers missing
Related Hardware (laptop & computer), we repair:
Processor (CPU), Graphics Card (GPU), Power Supply (PSU), RAM, Storage (HDD/SSD/M.2), Motherboard, PC Fan, and Liquid Cooling.
We upgrade laptop & computers which are:
  • Slow and unresponsive
  • Unable to support latest software
  • Frequent freezing and crashing
  • Graphics too low
  • Frequent overheating
  • Slow storage processing (saving files very slow)
  • Unable to support heavy usage
  • Software outdated
  • Drivers outdated
Upgrades we do:
Improve PC speed, add storage or improve Storage performance, upgrade Cooling capabilities, upgrade Graphics, and increase Power Supply.
We can help you with:
  • Virus removal & all related issues
  • Backup your and secure your important data and files
  • Upgrade Antivirus, Firewall, and overall computer security
We diagnose and solve problems relating to: 
Malware, Virus, Spam, Phishing, Botnet
For home and corporate solutions, we provide services to address:
  • Slow WiFi connection
  • WiFi frequently disconnect
  • Require cabling for office networking
What we can do:
Boost WiFi speed, extend WiFi to ‘deadzones’ or improve WiFi performance at slower area, internet cabling and corporate networking.

Our Happy Customers

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